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Welcome to the new HolaGuava.com.  As our inventory grows, so must our website.

With the new website comes a few new collections.  We are expanding the "Hola Guava Kids" line due to its popularity with both the parents and their littles.  You will find several Disney inspired pieces along with anything bright and sparkly for the littles.

Another expansion is our knit hat line.  Each knit hat (or beanie as some call it) has a real fur pompom attached.  They are very on brand for Hola Guava because as always that jumbo pompom brings a little something "extra" to the table...

In addition to expanding other smaller collections, a new collection of our bestselling handwoven bags is now featured.  You can expect the same quality.  Our bags are handmade in Colombia by women.  Each bag can take up to two weeks to complete, and each bag has something slightly different from the other because each woman likes to put her own touch on it to make it unique.  We are loving the current hues... you will find neutrals and pops of color blended beautifully.

Finally, all the Hola Guava classic earrings can be found on the site.  From stars, to feathers, to the funny embroidered pieces, there is a "statement earring" for everyone.  Take a chance... be a little extra.  Thanks for stopping by!